sustainability and mental health

sustainability and mental health

Part 1 - Help Earth Shop

Resources shows- ''Sustainability in mental health is the ability to provide high-value care now and in the future in the face of environmental, economic and social constraints. Climate change presents an unprecedented and urgent threat to human health and survival.''


Sustainable living helps you understand what's important- grounded you in the best way. A lot of sustainable lifestyles is about real, natural, and honesty whether if that's the community, projects, businesses and products or opinions, values, and the way you see life, it's all built about pure intentions to be and create good, and that gets in your mind and gives you a different kind of confidence in yourself and in the way you see yourself, which boost your mental health


Also, it kind of makes you rethink a lot of subjects and gives you another perspective to your mindset and the way you see things, you realize that it's better to pay a little more for clothes so they will be made of sustainable fabrics, and will be made by people who get fairly paid and good conditions to their work instead of many other factories who creates air pollution and uses underage people in barely humans conditions to create fast fashion trash that harms the environment. 

It makes you think twice before using disposable items (especially plastics) because they will end up in the ocean and will probably harm/ kill innocents animals, and also to prefer buying from clean beauty & vegan companies who don't test on animals- cruelty-free brands. 

Because personally, at the end of the day, I'm happy to support sustainable movements and cruelty-free businesses that create a good impact, it gives a sense of hope in humanity (and a good feeling about myself for caring and being part of something positive). 


On top of that, when you care about the earth and realize what's happening in the process you're becoming much more aware of what's happening around you and inside you.


A lot of the connection to nature is turning into a connection to yourself. While trying to be more eco-friendly.

for example, you chose to take a walk to the grocery store to reduce fuel consumption and in the way you're having time to connect to nature and yourself, that self-time we usually don't have on a daily routine, to be with your thoughts, to focus and breath the air outside and to enjoy the benefits of the outdoors like vitamin D from the sun and calming vibes. 


Sustainability also has a big part in your physical health- which eventually affects your mental health. When you take care of the planet, the planet takes care of you. Whether if it's the food you eat / the water you drink or the air you breathe. ''everything you give the planet, the planet gives you back, either food or position''. 


The community affects a lot as well. I didn't know what until I really started to take zero waste living seriously, I discover an amazing community of such great people who simply care about the environment and share so much positivity with the world. The type of people who will be there to support and help you with the journey and will give you tips. For me, that was a big reason to open Help Earth Shop to help others as well.


Part 2 - by Shagun Jain (ig - @unearth.ish)

What was the first thing that came to your mind when you read the heading? Here they go again talking about the environment and the climate. Well, here we go again talking about the environment and how it affects your mental health.

Not just the people who actually worry about this hot hot planet, but those as well who don't. As research has shown, your environment and atmosphere influence your mood, your behaviour and even your actions; when you surround yourself with less stuff you find that you are less stressed.

Sustainable Living is more than buying eco-friendly products, it is about maintaining a life that is sustainable for you. Mindfulness increases when you live a sustainable lifestyle. You become more conscious of the impact your actions have on your mood and emotions as you examine the environmental impact of your everyday activities. You concentrate more and ruminate less. As you strive toward a bigger purpose, having a goal to protect the Earth may enhance your confidence and self-worth.

Spreading environmental awareness and implementing sustainable habits may make you feel accomplished. You also become part of an environmentally conscious community, which provides social support. This gives you a more positive outlook on life and reduces depression symptoms. Spending less, recycling more, and raising awareness about major climate changes may help us prioritise and put things in perspective. Being more aware of one's surroundings aids in the control of bad emotions and the loss of track of one's thoughts. 

However, on the other hand, A bad environment can affect mental health and well-being just as much. There are several relationships between climate change and poor mental health.

The problem of eco-anxiety also exists when in this field. But I feel that the benefits overcome the bad. 
For me at unearth.ish, the online community is so supportive and so caring. People go out of their way to help you and that feeling is mutual. We are there together to learn, to inspire and to educate and when you have such a great group of people out there you feel motivated and you feel confident.


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