What equipment do you need for indoor gardening?

What equipment do you need for indoor gardening?

For all of our lovely indoor-gardeners beginners, we get it, it's overwhelming, the ''where do I even begin'' stage... 

Been there, done that 
Take a deep breathe and start slowly,  

There are many things that can be useful and helpful, from planting equipment and maintaining tools.

The first one you need is a garden tool set, the basic as can be it’s still a must!

Two is a sprayer/mister, I think it’s absolutely essential, especially for specific plants.

Three must be a GOOD pair of gardening gloves, I recommend long ones but short ones are great too.

Four, Is GROW LIGHTS!!! Not just basic LED lights but especially made for plant grow lights (the prices are very similar), a pro tip is to get the ones with the adjustable stander.

Five (last but not least) is choosing the right planters, there are many options for this as basic planters, self-watering planters, grow bags, etc., and also the hydroponic system option

that’s not all you’ll need but those are the must haves. 

I explain more about it in the “Indoor Gardening 101” Ebook, ALL the equipment you’ll need and all the practical guides and tutorial to start your indoor garden 

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