small changes you can make to create a big difference

small changes you can make to create a big difference

The easiest tips to eco friendly/ sustainable progress. 

Every progress of anyone or anything about sustainability effects all of us. It starts with the smallest stuff like bringing a reusable bag to the supermarket and without noticing became of saving thousands of sea animals. Every small change is necessary and make a bigger impact than it seems.


The easiest way to make a big different and create much less waste is to own reusable products. Every reusable product replaces millions of one uses products.

simple math shows how ridiculous one-use plastics are, simple example, if you're using 1 plastic bag every day, at the end of the month you'll create waste of (average) 30 plastic bags.

*most people are using way more plastic bags when they're going to the grocery store.

Instead of that, you can use 1 reusable bag for a few months. This way you'll create less waste, save money, and get rid of the censured of the bag to rip out (like what happens to most plastic bags).   



The first step of recycling is to use recyclable products instead of plastic, for example, Bamboo toothbrush instead of the plastic toothbrush.

A few examples for materials who's easy to recycle: paper, glass, steel, aluminum… and natural materials of course; cotton, canes, bamboo, leaves… and so much more

Separate your trash. To recycle you must separate each material. You can make a few main categories; 1. glass, 2. paper, 3. aluminum, 4. other – for natural materials trash (like bamboo, cotton…), 5. Compost- for food.

After you separate the different materials of trash, you can easily recycle.


There's different ways to compost but the prosses is the same, your way of composting depends on you- if you have a yard that you can compost at or do you need to do it in a different way like compost in a bucket… there's many explanations guides online to how to compost correctly and tips.


Switch to LED lighting.

LED light bulbs last longer than conventional bulbs and are more efficient too. LED lighting is using less power and saves you money. They're also available in a range of brightness and designs so you can really tailor the lighting to your needs or to suit the room. 

Cut out plastic.

To me this is the most important one. Plastic dose the worse damage because it can't really be recycled and it constantly damage nature, animals, earth and humas as well (*there's going to be a whole article just for that coming soon)

These days there're so many replacements to plastic products- there's replacements to plastic bags, plates, packages, boxes, bottles, straws, beaty products and cleaning products and so much more!

There are enough solutions.   

thank you for reading(:
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