recycled plastic, what it really means?

recycled plastic, what it really means?

Does plastic can actually be recycled? What's the real deal?

lets start with what we know and what they let us know,

You've probably seen ’the green dot’ sign (
♻️) many times on plastic products, like plastic bottles and more, many companies put the ”recycled” sign in a purpose to let you think that this product is made of recycled plastic. But they're hiding important details to make themselves look good.

 -the green dot. 

**a company can lable the packaging of a product with this even if the product isn't recyclable or doesn't even make of recycled material. it means that they've donated money towards the recycling of packaging somewhere in the world.  

Also, there's an important detail to know about recycled plastic; plastic can't be 100% recycled!

The term ’recycled plastic’ is misleading many people because when you hear the word recycled, you naturally suppose it's good for the environment (which makes sense in theory) but when it comes to ’recycled’ plastic it doesn't. 

Recycled means- ”Recycling is the process of collecting and processing materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash and turning them into new products. Recycling can benefit your community and the environment.”
basically, materials that have been collected to get processed to reuse, which helps the environment.

The thing about recycling plastic is that technically plastic can't be recycled, it can only be downcycled.

Unlike glass/ aluminum... plastic loses quality through the recycling process and can only be downcycled into lower quality, so after you downcycled it a few times, the quality gets too low until you can't downcycle it again and it ended up in the trash.

Plastic is one of the only materials that will never disappear & impossible to biodegradable.

Fact- every single plastic that was EVER created is still on earth.

Plastic only crumbling into small pieces over the years.

because plastic can't be 100% recycled & when it does, it doesn't help the environment (definitely not alike when you recycle other materials who can eventually disappear) the best solution is to get reusable biodegradable products

*reusable plastic makes more damage than it helps because after it goes through the whole process of reusing & downcycling it's also ended up in the trash and it will get much harder to crumble into small pieces because it's strong plastic.

The best thing & the biggest change you can do for our planet is to stop buying and using plastic.

Also, when you'll stop buying crap, companies will stop selling crap, it's all about the demand, request and need.


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