Green cleaning. Health and low waste

Green cleaning. Health and low waste

The thin line between cleaning and health and how it's connected to zero waste living.

When it comes to cleaning products we often forget how dangerous it can be to your health and how harmful is it to our planet and animals; the big factories that let go toxic chemicals into the air we breathe and spilled into the oceans, the plastics- 99% of cleaning products are packed with one-time use plastics + the disposable ‘hygiene’ products as disposable globs and wipes...

When it comes to health, “many cleaning supplies or household products can irritate the eyes or throat, or cause headaches and other health problems, including cancer. Some products release dangerous chemicals, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Other harmful ingredients include ammonia and bleach.”

“Cleaning products are a significant concern for conscious customers. Traditional store-bought cleaning products are known to release harmful toxins into the environment, which results in obstructing the natural ecosystems.”

Commercial use of ‘cleaning’ products mostly affects the environment by leading to pollution and waste. Air Pollution – Volatile organic compounds (VOC) in ‘cleaning’ products can affect indoor air quality and add to outdoor smog. Plus, transportation leads to carbon emissions from trucks.

And of course the main issue of using tons and tons of plastic for the excuse of “hygiene”. Tons of disposable packages, bottles, and boxes...

‘Cleaning’ products harm / kills mostly the sea animals by spilling dangerous chemicals into the ocean, and birds... by air pollution. 

After realizing the damage ‘cleaning’ products do to the environment, our health, and animals you probably wonder what is the better alternative. Which is green cleaning.  

What does green cleaning mean? 
Green or eco-friendly products have less harmful effects on human health and the environment, compared to traditional ones. They are made of natural, biodegradable, and non-toxic ingredients. Includes the actual products like sponges and cleaning brushes. 

When it comes to cleaning products like washing and hygiene the most sustainable and healthy option is to make it yourself

There are many recipes online for at-home cleaning (there's our favorite:) 


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