plant a tree project by Greenway International

plant a tree project by Greenway International
Help Earth Shop is proud to support the greenway International foundation 

This season the greenway foundation has planted many trees with the help of people donations to create a greener future and to make our environment stronger and better. 

These days every action in a green direction is necessary, every tree we plant is fixing the harm the plastics are making. 
so far the greenway foundation has raised 400$ which is 400 trees! and we can do more easily. 

Would you like to team up for our tree planting project this season?
Are you aware of you Internet’s environmental impact & how you can help?

The Greenway Team is on a mission to reduce the digital carbon footprint of your internet usage.

Team up with us and let’s plant a tree for the planet.

Here is our tree planting plan for this season:

Donate $5 - $10 (We plant and track 5-10 trees plus a certificate in your name).

Link to donate 

Let’s take a vital step to help reduce internet carbon emissions.


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